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Personal Statement

I am a graphic designer, though I don’t define myself by it, I do a lot of illustrations, branding, web design and the occasional typeface. I graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Media in 2012 and I am very excited to finally get out there and be apart of a team. Outside of this I contribute to Flux Collective which I cofounded with some uni friends who where also passionate about giving back to the design industry.


About Me

I don’t like to waste time, I love to read, learn music, teach myself a new art style. I try to find a good balance between my work, building my talents and taking some down time. I also put a great deal of focus on health and making good lifestyle choices. This is part of the reason I helped form Flux Collective, to take time to give back to my industry and help new artists realise their potential.

You can find me on:

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dribble,, Google+, Linkedin


Curriculum Vitae (CV, Resume)


Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Swanborough | Design, Web & Illustration