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Swanborough Funerals

Posted on May 28, 2013 in Branding, Website


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Swanborough Funerals Website

This has been my biggest project so far, taking me 2 months to complete from branding and brochure design to the learning and implementation of the JavaScript language. Each time designing with the knowledge that the client wanted something that I wasn’t very knowledgeable of. Stepping out into a new language and trying to develop a dynamic website with a series of interactive pricing pages really put me out of my comfort zone. The clients Esther and Brian were very patient and gave a lot of their time to help me really understand exactly what it was that they were trying to provide to their customers. This allowed me to create something that the funeral industry in Australia was yet to experience. The pricing page not only gives their customers a better understanding of the normally confusing costing process that would have to be explained over and over again, but it gives them control over how much they want to personalise the services that Swanborough Funerals conducts.

They have already conscripted me to build more pages to give their customers more control over the personalising process. I am very proud of this one, and I can’t wait to hear back from them about how people respond to their new user friendly website.

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